Sunday, January 3, 2010


        To learn bass guitar means you want to be part of the driving force of a band.

Playing bass guitar can be easy to learn but can be harder to
master, it all depends on where you want to go with it. The bass guitar is fairly easy to get started on and most people can pick up the basics and start playing right away but playing bass guitar can also be very advanced because it is the kind of instrument that starts off easy and can go to endless possibilities.

Lets start from the beginning.
The first question you ask yourself, "Is playing bass guitar what I want to play?" That is the most important thing because as everyone knows when you want to get started in something it is going to be a small investment. With today's economy nobody wants to waste money on something they are not sure they should do. Playing bass guitar is not what I started doing, I started on acoustic guitar and played that for quite a few years, then started playing with a few friends and then it started to get serious and we formed a small three piece acoustic band. As the band grew, we then needed a bass guitar player so I put down the acoustic and started playing bass guitar. The point is that I had put out cash to get set up in two different things, now that is ok if that is your plan to play two different instruments.
The next thing you should think about is your musical talent and if you are ready to put the time into playing bass guitar, because when I say it is easy to learn, it is, if you put in the time. Following are my suggestions for all you'll need to do to start playing the bass:
1. Place to practice, where you can play without distractions and practice every day.
2. Purchase a bass. If you want to play an acoustic bass, be sure that is what you want to play because acoustic basses are more expensive than electric basses. It all depends on your own taste and what kind of music and who you are going to play with. Start with a cheaper, but good quality bass. Check out the cheap bass guitar.

3. Start playing bass guitar, just to get the feel, it doesn't matter if you have never played before, you are just taking the first step to get the feel, because every bass guitar player has his or her own style and with playing bass guitar you will soon develop your own style.
4. Purchase an online lesson program to learn the basics. Playing bass guitar with an online bass guitar lesson program is the best way to learn on your own without costing as much as private lessons, see get started with online bass guitar lessons. Try not to learn from a friend because it can lead you to a style that is not yours, work on getting your own style. That is why I recommend playing bass guitar from a bass guitar lesson program.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Cheap Bass Guitar


The bass guitar has come along way since it was introduced. There are many choices to choose from, a couple of bass guitar options for the beginner include the electric bass version which is normally a solid body and looks alot like the standard electric guitar. The acoustic bass version which is a hollow body much like an acoustic guitar. Both styles of bass guitars are available in many entry level choices. Fender, Washburn, Squire, Ibanez are just a few that offer a great line for the good cheap bass guitar. When I say cheap bass guitar I don't mean cheap, I mean a good deal for a bass guitar at a cheap price. Check out and the links there for some of the best deals. The acoustic bass and the electric bass each have their own distinct sounds. So it all depends on what kind of sound your after. To play bass easy, there are some very easy methods to learn the basic notes, scales and patterns to get started without being very complicated or frustrating. To get started my recommendation is buy a bass online lesson program. They are very much worth the small investment it takes to get started, and even if you only learned a couple of things it was still cheaper than taking lessons from a live instructor. If you are a beginner bass guitar player then might help with some ideas on what kind of bass guitar to play. A good cheap bass guitar in price only not in quality, can be found easier than you think. All you have to do is look at the name first because all the big names also make entry level bass guitars " cheap bass guitar" at a lot lower prices. Most of the time if you are looking at an entry level fender bass guitar chances are that it is of decent quality and totaly playable. Do the homework on the guitar, read reviews, read the specs on a more expensive bass guitar and then read the specs on the one you are interested in and see if any of the spec are the same like the material of the fingerboard or what kind of wood it is made out of or what kind of tuning hardware. Check out the links at and start checking out specs and reading info.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playing in a Music Band

1. Being a team player Playing in a music band, is about playing together, getting along and having some fun (getting paid a little isn’t bad either). Being a great musician is awesome, but unless you are a Jimmy Page and in constant demand, then it's really more important, when playing in a music band, to know how to work with a group of people and get along, be able to trade idea’s and have fun. Some musicians are the fussy type and just always want it their way, making your life miserable and playing in the music band a little more difficult. Working with a good team can be real good and very rewarding. When you pull off that awesome gig together and then reflect after the show, it’s a feeling that always gets to me. The team effort from everyone is what makes playing in a music band rewarding. 2. Practice Practice is time consuming but very rewarding. If you want to get the feeling, practice!! With the internet and all the magazines today, there are numerous ways to learn new things. Online programs are one of the best learning tools in my mind, because you can learn and watch on your own time whenever you want. Magazines are packed with all kinds of playing tips and also cheap guitars today are very playable and an excellent value. It does not cost a lot of cash to get started playing in a music band. “So belly up to the bar”, as they say, and get that first guitar and an online lesson program and get started today. So practice, practice, practice, if you aren’t making mistakes you’re not learning. 3. The people and place Associating with people outside your band is very important. Get to know your bartenders because if they like you, they can be a big promoter of yours, the owners (the ones with the cash) and your patrons and followers (the ones that are there to watch you). Always try to find out what kind of bar or establishment it is, so when you go in there to play classic rock that they are not expecting country. At your breaks, talk to the people, and treat them as friends. Your normal patrons will notice not only your music but also your demeanor and the way you socialize with them. It is great to get that reward of your audience liking your music but when you hear that they also think you are a really nice bunch of guys, then you can say that playing in a music band is really worth it. When playing in a music band, there is a few things to consider: 1. Your stage presence (begins at the start of the gig whether you look like a bunch of amateurs or you look like you know what you are doing). 2. Playing with feeling (you know when you have it and know when you don’t). Even an easy song played with feeling will sound awesome when you’re all together. 3. Association with the crowd (do not snub your audience, talk to them, they are the ones that will come back to see you the next time). 4. The music itself (how it sounds, your song selection, how you play together (that team thing). 5. Stay in your comfort zone (if a song is not ready to play out, don’t play it and risk the band’s reputation) and if someone requests a song that you do not know, then be honest and tell them. Playing in a music band is about giving. I think the guideline above is a great start for any band that is looking to enhance their performance. If you really enjoy the music you play, you will find getting the feeling of playing together gets easier all the time, and when the feeling is there your stage presence will follow. Stay in your comfort zone. check out for all your music needs